Signs That You Love Your Dog A Lot

There is no doubt that everyone loves their dogs. But, there are a few people who love their dogs more than anyone or anything else in the world. They will not be having that much of love towards their parents or spouses or children than what they have on their pet dogs. If you do not understand whether you are too deep in your love towards your dog, then it might get overboard and even cause hindrances in the dog training program. He will not be ready to listen to what you say and it would look like he is having a spell over you. The following are some of the signs you need to wary of that your love for your dog is going overboard.

Signs Love

Spending more time with the dog than your spouse

One definite sign that tells you that you are too obsessed with your dogs is when you like to spend more time with your dog than with your partner. If your partner starts to complain to you that you are giving a lot more attention to the dog, then you should understand that you have more affection towards our dog and it is time to take over the control of the dog.

Missing the dog a lot when you are not home

If you are on a holiday for a week or two and feel gloomy and sad, then it is a sign that you are missing someone at home. If all the other people in your home are there with you on the trip other than the pet dog, then you are badly missing your pet. This also happens to students who go to study in foreign colleges and away from home. They feel sad and feel that they are missing someone around them.

Treat dog as a human being

Your love for the dog has reached a point where you feel that the dog is a human being. This is a sure sign that you have immense love for your dog. You tend to forget that the pet is just a dog and must behave and be treated like a dog.

You pamper the dog too much

If you are pampering your dog too much with lots of toys, accessories, space on your bed and sofa, eating with the dog, etc., then your dog is a spoilt brat. If you are looking at offering your dog all the luxury and convenience that you can buy, then this is a sure sign of loving the dog too much, in fact, more than your loved ones.