The Important Behaviors To Teach Your Pet Dog

There are many dog owners who are not happy with the way their dog behaves. They find it very difficult to make their dog practice good manners. The dog owners cannot stop the dog from barking whenever the doorbell rings. There is also a notion among many dog owners that the older dogs cannot be trained. This is not true. You can teach the dogs any tricks and manners at any age. There is no need to put in a lot of hours of training to make an older dog learn a few manners.

Important Behaviors

The following are some of the better manners you can teach your dog to have a better relationship.

Ask the dog to move to a designated spot

This is a very useful behavior to teach any dog. You can ask the dog to move to a certain spot like his bed or a doormat whenever you say ‘go to your spot’. This behavior will solve some common manner issues in dogs like begging for food at the dinner table, barking and jumping on cats, etc. This behavioral command will come in handy when you have guests leaving or coming to your home or when you are unloading the groceries and the other items you have shopped. This behavior will prevent the dog from interfering when you are unloading the items. If you provide the dog with treats and rewards when learning this behavior, he is sure to master it soon.

Establish eye contact

Having direct eye contact is a way to frighten the dog. Teaching the dog to have a good eye contact with you is a good way to build its self-confidence and also reduce anxiety. By doing so, you can distract the attention of the dog from his bad behaviors. An eye contact can deter the dog from barking.