Fun Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Fun Games

Playing with your dog is always fun and exciting. Dogs love to play with their owners. The good old game of throwing the ball and asking the dog to fetch it never gets old but there is so much more that you can do.

Playing with your dog is great, but dog lovers know that caring for your pet sometimes takes more than just yourself. Sometimes if you can’t be there for your pet you may need to send them to a doggy daycare such as Delta Pet Care. They will treat your furry friend like their own. 

Dog owners and their pets can get bored playing fetch for too long.  Your Dog might run after the tennis ball that you throw three to four times and after that, they might resent fetching it. If you want to get your dog involved in playing with you and enjoying playing, then you need to think outside the box for play ideas for your dog. Some of them are mentioned below.

Fun Games

Changing the fetch items

The fetching game is a very important dog play that will help it to train it’s smelling, seeing and picking up skills. Hence, trying out a different item to fetch could interest the dog and the owner. You can think of asking the dogs to fetch soft animal toys or even some dog sticks. In order to make the game interesting for the dog, you should throw the items to fetch in varying heights, distances, direction so that the dog gets a mental challenge every time.

Playing with a Frisbee

Another game that differs from the regular ball fetching game is the Frisbee game. This will entice both the dog owner and the pet. The dog will be interested in catching the plastic saucer that is in the air and will make all attempts to catch it mid-air. This will improve its catching skills. Care should be taken when choosing the Frisbees. It should depend on the type of breed you own.

An outdoor water bath

Most dogs love to play with water. How about asking the dogs to catch the water that sprays out of the hose pipe? You can even spray water on the dogs to help them beat the summer heat and also to make then enjoy a good bath. Most dogs like this.

Find a hidden toy

One interesting game that the dogs will never get bored playing is the finding game. You can place the dog’s favorite toy in some place and ask it to find it. This finding game can make the dog to become a proficient search and rescue dog. Hide a chewer or a food puzzle in your lawn or backyard and ask it to find it. You can increase the difficulty as the dog starts to easily find the toy.